New Week, New Start  (CMA)

Zoom Meeting ID: https://zoom.us/j/270624775

Password:  unity


11:30am GMT/6:30am eastern/5:30am central/3:30am pacific

Chelsea Mornings  (AA) 

Zoom Meeting ID: 504 946 968

No password

New York City

8am eastern/7am central/5am pacific

Attitude Adjustment  (AA)

Sunny Dunes

Zoom Meeting ID: 308 900 8339

Password: 12345

Palm Springs

10am eastern/9am central/7am pacific

Promises  (AA)

Inspirational reading/Discussion

Zoom Meeting ID: 3803397259

No password

West Palm Beach

12pm eastern/11am central/9am pacific

Noon Group AFG  (AL-ANON)

Inspirational reading/Discussion

Zoom Meeting ID:  846 3989 3876

Password:  662438

Zoom Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84639893876?pwd=UzB3WElIUmVaeVpoZkVta3JTdVNXZz09


12pm eastern/11am central/9am pacific

LGBTQI Steps & Serenity  (AA)

Open Meeting

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87603431245

No Password


6:30pm London/1:30pm eastern/12:30pm central/10:30am pacific

A Fresh Start  (CMA)

Zoom Meeting ID: 803 097 0864

Password: unity


7pm London/2pm eastern/1pm central/11am pacific

Queer Womxn and Non Binary NA  (NA)

Discussion Meeting

Link to join now:

8pm GMT/3pm eastern/2pm central/12pm pacific

Philadelphia  (CMA)

Zoom Meeting ID: 563 1707 806

Passcode: 1315


5:30pm eastern/4:30pm central/2:30pm pacific

Cherry Grove Island Group  (AA)

Daily Meetings

Zoom Meeting ID: 817 779 951

Passcode: 111782

Fire Island, NY

6pm eastern/5pm central/3pm pacific

Come As Your Are  (AA)

Virtual Online Meeting:

Zoom Meeting ID: 437 565 787

No password

New Hampshire 

6pm eastern/5pm central/3pm pacific

Fort Lauderdale Online  (CMA)

Topic: Speaker meeting

Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/900457664  

Meeting ID: 900457664

6pm eastern/5pm central/3pm pacific

Live and Let Live North  (AA)

Zoom Meeting ID: 556 298 802

Passcode: 859849

Hudson Valley, NY.

6pm eastern/5pm central/3pm pacific

Perry St. Workshop NYC  AA

Open Meeting

Zoom Meeting ID:  980-110-380

Password:  345678

New York City

6pm eastern/5pm central/3pm pacific

Relapse Prevention  (CMA)

Zoom Meeting ID: 750 817 4090

New York

6pm eastern/5pm central/3pm pacific

Lesbian and Gay Friends of Lois  (AL-ANON)

Zoom Meeting ID: 155 390 063

No password

New York City

6:30pm eastern/5:30pm central/3:30pm pacific

Zoom in on Recovery  (NA)

Zoom Meeting ID: 759 0734 2333

Password: nazoommtg

New York

7pm eastern/6pm central/4pm pacific

Evolving Souls  (NA)

Open Discussion

Zoom Meeting ID: 983 597 2674

Password:  123456

Ottawa, Canada

7pm eastern/6pm central/4pm pacific

Quarantine NA

Virtual Online Meeting

Zoom: https://zoom.us/s/588527778

Meeting ID: 588 527 778

Password: 519573


7pm ET/6pm CT/5pm MT/4pm PT

Live and Let Live  (AA)
Closed Meeting
Online Virtual Meeting
Zoom Meeting ID:  821 9278 3478
Password:  service
Meeting Link: 

Bloomington, Indiana

7pm eastern/6pm central/4pm pacific

Greenwich Village Group (AA)

Beginner's Panel - Younger crowd 

Zoom Meeting ID: 4424 202 0424

Password: 4841 935 484

New York City

7:15pm eastern/6:15pm central/ 4:15pm pacific

Sober Zoomers  (AA)

Beginner Meeting

Zoom Meeting ID: 869 6125 1532

Passcode: PICKLES

Long Island

7:30pm eastern/6:30pm central/4:30pm pacific

Lambda Owls  (AA)
Open Meeting
Zoom ID:  309 922 933
Password:  lambda
Meeting Link:  https://ashevilleaa.org/meetings/lambda-owls-6/
Asheville, NC
8pm eastern/7pm central/6pm mountain/5pm pacific

Rainbow Rocket Group  (NA) 

Zoom Meeting ID: 826 472 4936

Passcode: 2020

Huntsville, Alabama

8pm eastern/7pm central/5pm pacific

Alphabet Soup LGBTQ+  (AA)

Big Book Study

Virtual Online Meeting

Zoom Meeting ID: 109 596 743

Password 106901

New York City

8:15pm eastern/7:15pm central/5:15pm pacific

Life After Crystal  (CMA)
Open Meeting

Zoom Meeting ID:  887 423 941
No Password


8:30pm eastern/7:30pm central/6:30pm mountain/5:30pm pacific

Philly Out & Proud  (AA)  

Zoom Meeting ID: 851 2737 0213

Password:  william  


8:30pm eastern/7:30pm central/5:30pm pacific

🌈 Living Sober  (All Fellowships Welcomed)

LGBTQ Meeting 

Zoom Meeting ID: 911 504 410

For the password, please send an email.

New York

9pm eastern/8pm central/6pm pacific

Midtown on the Park (AA)

Zoom Meeting ID: 928 205 4386

Password: 12steps
9pm eastern/8pm central/7pm mountain/6pm pacific

Mustard Seed LGBTQ+  (AA)

Newcomer Meeting

Meeting Link: https://www.nyintergroup.org/remote_meetings/mustard-seed-lgbtq/

Zoom Meeting ID:  676 475 2267

No Password

New York City

9pm eastern/8pm central/6pm pacific

Out and Proud  (NA) 

Zoom Meeting ID: 862 3914 5598

Password: LGBTQ 

San Francisco

9pm eastern/7pm central/6pm pacific

CMA Virtual Houston (CMA)

Literature Meeting

Zoom Meeting ID: 632 878 230

Password: 039019


9pm eastern/ 8pm central/6pm pacific 

Lambda Live and Let Live  (AA) 

Zoom Meeting ID: 158 970 132

Visit www.lambdaaustin.org to get the password


9pm eastern/8pm central/6pm pacific

Artists in Sobriety  (AA)

Meeting Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82534923479?pwd=K3VLNS9vd2Z0a0plMGFhRVZJQlU5dz09

Meeting ID: 825 3492 3479

Password: soberart

9:30pm eastern/ 8:30pm central/ 6:30pm pacific

Air LGBTQ Group  (AA)

Zoom Meeting ID: 898 661 3079

No password


9:30pm eastern/8:30pm central/6:30pm pacific

Queers, Crackpots & Fallen Women  (AA)

Zoom Meeting ID: 873 529 5377

Password: LGBT

Los Angeles

9:30pm eastern/8:30pm central/6:30pm pacific

We are Family  (AL-ANON)

Zoom Meeting ID: 216 293 147

Passcode: 130567

Berkley, California

10pm eastern/9pm central/7pm pacific

Faith in Action  (AA)

Speaker & discussion
Zoom Meeting ID: 885 6730 3584
Passcode: 164164

Long Beach, CA

11pm eastern/10pm central/8pm pacific

Radford Hall LGBTQ  (AA)

Virtual Online Meeting 

Zoom Meeting ID: 907 232 8568

West Hollywood

Password: RPride

Los Angeles

11pm eastern/10pm central/8pm pacific