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Lust, Men & Meth: A Gay Men's Guide to Sex and Recovery provides the first practical resource for recovery from methamphetamine and the restoration of healthy sex and intimacy. Based on over a decade of clinical experience and research. Dr. Fawcett outlines the seductive appeal of methamphetamine and it's impact on high-risk behaviors and sexual desire, resulting in the fusion of meth and sex in the brain. Such patterns of use often result in both a devastating addiction and sexual dysfunction. 


Author: David Fawcett, PhD.


- 100% of all proceeds go towards our fundraising efforts for the conference!

- Paperback

- 210 pages

- Autographed




"As ChemSex/PnP culture becomes increasingly pervasive within our communities, we need compassionate, sobering voices to guide us through the plethora of challenging issues it raises. David Fawcett provides that voice; Lust, Men and Meth is a shining resource during a complicated time for gay men’s wellbeing."


David Stuart, Substance Use Lead, ChemSex clinics, London

G&S Books: Lust, Men & Meth

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