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This community calendar of events is intended for recovery related conferences, roundups, and other social activities. To have your event listed, your organization must meet three requirements:

1. Is LGBTQ affirming.

2. Be a registered 501c3 nonprofit - in good standing.

3. Your organization supports Gay & Sober sponsored events and community efforts. If your roundup or event supports us, we support yours. This policy is inspired by The Spirit of Cooperation

To get listed, please send us a message to


CMA Dallas

Dallas, TX., USA

SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2023

Cowboy on Horse

Houston Roundup

Houston, TX. USA

NOVEMBER 24-26, 2023

Los Angeles


Los Angeles, CA, USA

MAY 25-26, 2024


Gay & Sober Men

New York City, NY. USA

JUNE 27-30, 2024

Amsterdam Painting

Queer & Sober

Amsterdam, NL

AUGUST 3, 2024


Halloween Party

New York City, NY

OCTOBER 28, 2023

WA 2024 Graphic.jpg

Winter Awakening

Clayton, GA, USA

JANUARY 26-28, 2024

Image by Perry Merrity II

Big D Roundup

Dallass, TX, USA

MAY 25-26, 2024


Pride Celebration

New York City, NY. USA

JUNE 30, 2024


San Antonio Roundup

San Antonio, TX

SEPTEMBER 1-3, 2024

Autumn Colours

Toronto Roundup

Toronto, ON, Canada

NOVEMBER 4, 2023


Together We Can

Detroit, MI, USA

MARCH 15-17, 2024

Golden Gate Bridge

Western Roundup

San Francisco, CA, USA

JULY 5-7, 2024


The RoundDown

Fire Island Pines, NY. USA

JULY 1, 2024

4th Dimension

Palm Springs, CA., USA

SEPTEMBER 14-17, 2024

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