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Hazelden Betty Ford - Center City, Minnesota ​For more than 70 years, Hazelden Betty Ford has been at the forefront of providing lifesaving, compassionate care and specialized services to help people from all walks of life get to feeling like their best self.



Michael's House - Palm Springs, California. 
Michael's House is proud to serve the LGBTQ+ community for over 30 years, one patient at a time. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive, evidence-based, integrated treatment that addresses both substance use and co-occurring mental health issues. For over 30 years, our evidence-based methods have resulted in healthy rates of long-term recovery, and our commitment to patient-centered care affords us the flexibility to address each patient’s unique needs.


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Brookdale - Scranton, Pennsylvania

State-of-the-art addiction recovery campus is the perfect place to begin your new vibrant and happy life in sobriety.


CAST Centers - Los Angeles, California
CAST Centers is not only located in the heart of West Hollywood’s diverse and thriving LGBTQ community, but is also LGBTQ owned and operated. One of CAST’s core beliefs is that everyone deserves respect, non-judgment and quality treatment for addiction and mental health.
(323) 421-7892

Marworth - Waverly, Pennsylvania. 
From medication-assisted treatment to inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment, our addiction medicine specialists will treat you or your loved one as an individual with a unique history, lifestyle and values.


Pride Institute - Eden Prairie, Minnesota 
​Pride Institute is committed to providing LGBTQ+ people (ages 18 or above) with an inclusive and accepting place for recovery through evidence-based treatment for substance abuse, sexual health and mental health.

R12 at The Cabin – Thailand 

Expert-led Holistic Behavioural Health and Addiction Treatment steeped in tropical beauty and Eastern tranquility, a world away from your triggers


Seabrook - Bridgeton, New Jersey 

Seabrook offers life-saving hope. Affirming men and women in love, we provide the tools and directions for a healthier way of living.



Stepping Stone - San Diego, California 

Stepping Stone of San Diego has been helping save lives since 1976 as one of the nation’s only alcohol and drug treatment programs specializing in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community.

Van Ness Recovery House - Los Angeles, California

​Serving the LGBTQI community through whole person care. Integrated services target drug and alcohol addiction, mental health concerns, and emphasize sexual health in a socially supportive environment.


The listings were generated from the experience of our group members.

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*DISCLAIMER: Only you, your loved ones and/or medical professionals familiar with your medical history, current health and long-term goals can decide which treatment program is right for you. Gay & Sober Inc. is not liable.

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