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“The GSM Conference - It was the best five days of my life!”
Wilson, North Carolina, USA

“GSM 2017 and Pride were one of the highlights of my year. For being a new conference it was an incredible success…”
Michael, Florida, USA

“The Gay & Sober Men’s Conference was a truly transformative experience. To be among so many gay and sober men and to feel such love and warmth from the entire city was incredible. The weekend was a perfect blend of program and pleasure.”
Matthew, North Carolina, USA

“The event was just a few days but the friends and memories are for a lifetime.”
Gerry, California, USA

“I don't know if it’s the pink cloud talking but I feel pretty damn good. I want to say ‘Thank You’ for all the love and support. I will have 1 year under my belt in about 4 hours and I don't think I could have done it without you all. I love you from the bottom of my heart."

Charles, Los Angeles, USA

"I didn't know how I was going to stay sober on Pride Sunday. After a Google search I discovered this group. I marched with them in the parade and danced at night. I met other sober women that have strengthened my support network.”

Elaine, London, UK

“Awesome group. Awesome men!”
Richard, Wisconsin, USA


“I’m very grateful for this group. This page has really helped me stay connected with recovery even when I’m on the go. Thank you, all of you, for sharing your experience, strength, and hope!”
Kekoa, Hawaii, USA

“The one and only worldwide site for gay, sober, guys. In my experience, well run, informative, and the embodiment of the fellowship. A fantastic resource.”
Kevin, Brighton, United Kingdom

“I really appreciate all this group has done for me,my only wish is that since we have such a fairly large gay community here in Boise Idaho that our sober group would be a little larger and stronger the need is there 2017 hope to meet many of you there!”
Danny, Idaho, USA

“This is a safe place for people to share there successes as well as struggles in sobriety, and get positive support and feedback as requested. It's a great way to meet and feel connected with like minded sober men all over the world, which broadens my sober support network from my local community to worldwide. Who can ask for much more. Oh I can, I'm so excited about the GSM conference coming up in June in NYC, where I'll get to meet lots of these guys in person and share incredible experiences. This group has it all.”
Steven, Georgia, USA


“This is an excellent forum for gay males to support each other and share in our growth and challenges throughout our sober journeys. Bravo!”
Michael, Arizona, USA

“Very well run site, great source to get advice but be ready for some strong opinions . Just remember to take what you need and leave the rest because Mary gets a little crazy at times. Discussing thing with your Sponsor can help you navigate through some of the weeds.”
Jim, Connecticut, USA

“When I was in a bad place and did not want to go out, I was able to meet several people that became friends and provided daily support. With their encouragement, I was able to keep going. I love this group.”
Jackson, California, USA

“Five Stars!”
Patrick, London, United Kingdom


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