Some say "it takes a village". At Gay & Sober, we really believe that. An adventure of this scale doesn't happen on its own and it does not revolve around one or two individuals. It's a collective team effort from many talented people from all over the United States. We also have delegates and *volunteers from Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Great Britain, Argentina, Sweden, Japan, and Brazil! 

Our annual activities and especially our Men's Conference and Pride Celebration call for an "all hands on deck" approach from everyone involved. 


Little by slowly, we've created planning and development committees by calling on like minded friends and fellows that are enthusiastic about a convention of this sort. The end result is a carefully curated team of individuals and Area Delegates that bring their own strengths, passions, talent, and know how to the table. Another side effect of this kind of service are closer connections with fellow volunteers and a stronger sense of community.

Every volunteer has one thing in common... they all like to have fun in sobriety!


Would you like to be a part of our growing *team?

If so, please send us a message and someone will reach back out to you.

*We are currently accepting volunteers for the conference weekend. However, please be advised that all volunteers and participants are still required to have tickets and wristbands for entry to all GSM official events. With the exception of scholarships, you will need to register and pay if you intend to come to the conference. 


**To join our service family as an AREA DELEGATE, please send an email here and tell us a little bit about your self and where you live. To be a delegate, all you need is 90 days of continuous sobriety.

An Area Delegate:

- represents Gay & Sober in your local community

- lets others know about our happenings

- serves as a point of contact in case someone needs help (perhaps by bringing them to a meeting)

- provides updates to local meetings for our online meeting directory 

- occasionally helps with our raffles and fundraisers 

- joins us for a conference call on the first Monday of every month

For information on speaking at the nightly big meetings during the conference, please click here.

As a reminder, Gay & Sober or the annual Gay & Sober Men's Conference in New York is in no way associated with the Big Apple Roundup. More information on this can be found at the bottom of our mission page.

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Development & Operations:

Grant Writer: to be announced

London Conference Development: Peter S., United Kingdom

Information Chair: Gary L., Texas - Charter Member 

Meeting Directory Coordinator: Tim H., Washington email

Meeting Directory Assistant: Chris N., North Carolina

Europe Meeting Directory Coordinator: Cole M., United Kingdom

Graphics & Advertising: Tom E., New York - Charter Member

Shop Manager: Curtis D.H., California email

Bookkeeping and Accounting: Lisa A., North Carolina

Tax Accountants: Donald A., California

Fundraising Chair: Mark C., New Jersey email

Fundraising Co-Chair: Logan S., New York email

Fundraiser: Nick B., New Jersey 

Transgender Community Liaison: to be announced

Conference Planning Committee: 

2022 Conference Chair: Mitch A., New York email

2022 Conference Co-Chair: Mario M., Texas email

Delegate Chair: Vincent D., New York email

Delegate Co-Chair: Matthew H., Minnesota

Driver: to be announced

Entertainment Chair: to be announced email

Entertainment Chair: to be announced email

Housing Chair: Tony B., Montréal email

Logistics Chair: to be announced

Logistics Co-Chair: to be announced

Marathon Meeting Coordinator: to be announced

Parade Chair: Luis C., Florida

Production Chair: Benjamin M., Minnesota email

Production Co-Chair: T.J. E., Washington

Program Overall Chair: Dick G., Ottawa, email

Program Co-Chair: Drew P., California

Program Team: Matthew H., North Carolina

Raffle Chair: to be announced

Raffle Co-Chair: Kyle M., Ohio email

Registrations Chair: Robbie V., New York email

Registrations Co-Chair: Stephen C., California

Security/Greeting Chair: Christopher K., New Jersey

Security/Greeting Co-Chair: Jon B., New Jersey

Social Activities Chair: Tony B., Canada

Speaker Coordinator: Matthew H., North Carolina email

Talent Handler: to be announced

Transit Chair: to be announced

Transit Co-Chair: to be announced

Volunteer Co-Chair: to be announced email

Volunteer Co-Chair: to be announced email

Workshop Coordinator: Jeffary F., Canada

Area Delegates:  

Gerry P., Area Delegate California

Kent J., Area Delegate California

Stephen C., Area Delegate California

Tim H., Area Delegate California

Luis C., Area Delegate Florida

Mark T., Area Delegate Florida

James G., Area Delegate Georgia

Micah G., Area Delegate Georgia

Todd B., Area Delegate Illinois

Charlie G., Area Delegate Missouri

Jesse I., Area Delegate Missouri

Tim M., Area Delegate Missouri

Christopher K., Area Delegate New Jersey

John S., Area Delegate New York

Logan S., Area Delegate New York

Robbie V., Area Delegate New York

Tommy W., Area Delegate New York

Vincent D., Area Delegate New York

Chris N., Area Delegate North Carolina

Kyle M., Area Delegate Ohio

Christopher E., Area Delegate Pennsylvania

Landon H., Area Delegate Tennessee 

Carlos R., Area Delegate Texas

Mario M., Area Delegate Texas

TJ E., Area Delegate Washington

Andy S., Area Delegate Washington DC

Simon P., Area Delegate Australia

Dick G., Area Delegate Canada

Joe M., Area Delegate Canada

Tony B., Area Delegate Canada

Gabriel K., Area Delegate Panama

Cole M., Area Delegate United Kingdom

Executive Team:

(Gay & Sober Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit company. It is not operated like a traditional 12 step group or local roundup. Our books are open to anyone that asks and that provides their mailing address - we utilize certified mail.)

Chief Executive Officer: Christian Cerna - Parker, New York

Executive Secretary: Landon Harless., Tennessee

Board Member at Large: Sandra S. C., Texas 

Chief Financial Officer: Lisa Lewis, North Carolina

Service Team