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Gay & Sober is exploring the idea of adding a destination city to it's event portfolio. 

Organizer's have gotten the "green light" to proceed with preliminary planning. We will be notifying all interested fellows to get involved and get on board. 

The event, held in the center of London will occur over 3 days. 

Proposed dates: August 30th thru September 2nd, 2024 

This event will be GSM+

GSM+ is for all LGBTQ people in recovery. 

Please fill out the form below to be the first to know when we open ticketing and opportunities for service.


GSM 2021 LONDON.jpg
What fellowship are you a part of?
Do you self-identify as a "man"? (gay, transgender or bisexual)
Are you a member of the Gay & Sober Men's Facebook group?
Are you willing to serve as a volunteer on the committee?
Have you attended the original New York City conference before?

Thank you. We'll keep you posted!.

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