We have temporarily re-opened Scholarships for the 2021 Gay & Sober Men's Conference.

Our first round of scholarship grants were awarded on February 29th.

In 2019, we were proud to have granted 57 scholarships to people in need. Many of our recipients were from the New York metropolitan area and several were from around the world. Special thanks to our Gay & Sober patrons for their generous financial support.  

A special note about scholarships: Scholarship recipients are treated no different from a paid participant. Only the Registrations Chair, Volunteer Coordinator and Conference Chair will know who has been awarded a scholarship. We find that this practice adds to a healthy and spiritual experience for everyone at GSM. 

*Scholarships are granted to anyone, anywhere in need. However, newcomers are given high priority. Scholarships are for all Conference events, meetings, and activities. Scholarships do not include food, travel, or lodging at the host hotel. We recommend sharing a room at the host hotel to save on costs. Scholarships also do not include the separate RoundDown on Fire Island.

Participants that received a scholarship in 2019 will rotate to the bottom of the consideration list for a 2021 scholarship. This gives new people a chance to enjoy the events we offer.


What fellowship are you a part of?
Do you self-identify as a "man"? (gay, transgender or bisexual)
Are you a member of the Gay & Sober Men's Facebook group?
Are you willing to volunteer while at the conference?
Have you attended the conference before?

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